Dheya Revive

DHEYA REVIVE (Age Group: 35 to 60 Years)

Mid-Career dilemma?? Is a troublesome period for many in today’s fast-paced world. When stagnation and job insecurity rules the roost in one’s mind, then how can productivity be high? Dheya revive (mid-career planning & guidance) is a program for working professionals facing mid-career challenges. This program revives the zest and enthusiasm in you by aligning your personality and past experience with wonderful possibilities of the future. Mid-career is a transition process which helps you to understand yourself well and then build dreams for the second career while engaging all your past experiences, affiliations and networks and leveraging on them to get into a sweet spot in your next Avatar.

Dheya Revive (mid-career planning & guidance) is an excellent program focused on understanding the individual’s career aspirations & defining a path towards achieving your dreams.


Dheya Revive is a mid career renewal program, which is based upon two basic beliefs, the first belief is that the identity that we have has infinite possibilities, some possibilities could be concrete tangible achievements or some could be private dreams or innate passion.

The second belief is about changing careers or renewing a career means changing ourselves. Dheya revive (mid career planning & guidance) not about switching one identity for another but rather a transition process in which we reconfigure ourselves to the full set of possibilities. Dheya revive (mid career planning & guidance) is a problem of recombining and re-anchoring, and the solution is not a “job change” but self creation into being what you want to be.


What do you gain by this program?

  • Identify and understand your inherent strengths.
  • Rebuild your career in a systematic manner through a transition process.
  • It will eliminate confusion and help you take proactive decisions for yourself with confidence.
  • Utilise your existing skills and past experience to achieve something great in life in your second career.


  • Online Assessment Test
  • 8 pages assessment Report.
  • One to one Guidance.


  • INR 20,000/- for the first session and one follow up session.
  • If there are more sessions required then the charges for each session would be INR 5000/- (excluding GST 18%).
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