Dheya Navigator

DHEYA NAVIGATOR (Age Group: 13-25 Years)

Dheya Navigator enables Career Planning. Having done the career guidance wherein the competency mapping of the candidate is done and correlated to various possible career options (occupations)/ what the child CAN BE in life, it is also necessary to understand aspirations which include the expectations, dreams as well as preferences of self as well as of parents/ grandparents etc. Value systems have to be mapped onto the personality, abilities and interests of the candidate, and the preferences of career streams and occupations are once again reviewed. Visualization to understand own aspirations and self introspection is a part of this advanced process. Based on all these factors, an exhaustive Career Development Roadmap of 36 months is prepared and the child is followed up regularly post completion of all the sessions enabling highest probabilities of success in achieving the set Goals in life.


The candidate undergoes the following in order to thoroughly prepare a career road map:

  • Assessment test followed by a 2 hrs one on one session with a senior Career mentor.
  • Research work done by student on a career research journal of Dheya to understand the suggested career options.
  • Homework by child and parent on a Dheya framework workbook including all factors necessary for career decision.
  • Visualization session followed by writing the vision to understand own aspirations.
  • Preparation of a comprehensive career road map and goal setting, short, medium and long term.


What do you gain by taking the test?

  • The student understands all aspects of career planning.
  • A comprehensive roadmap and skills upgradation plan to achieve set goals.
  • A clear understanding of all education courses and preparation for an aspirational entry.
  • The student makes thoughtful career choices and education choices.
  • The student takes charge of his or her career and yields positive results in academics and in life.
  • A clear understanding of options available after 10th & 12th standard.


  • Assessment Test – Online or Offline.
  • 20 pages Assessment Test Report.
  • 3 Personalized Session with parent – 7 Hours. (approximately 2 hr. each)
  • One to One – Documented.
  • Lifelong Support.
  • Career Research & Development Plans.
  • 43 pages Career Research workbook.
  • Asset analysis workbook for Student + Parent.
  • Creative Visualisation.
  • Career Planning & Development.
  • Goal Setting: 10 Year Career Plan.
  • 36 Months Development Plan.
  • 95 pages Advanced Career Planning customized booklet.

Fees: Rs 19,999/-

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