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Career Planning @ Ever Aspire

We offer Career planning and guidance for school and college students as well as mid-career professionals with several program options and psychometric assessment tests in association with M/s Dheya, India’s leading Career Planning organization.

Career planning benefits

  • A clear understanding of all education courses and preparation for an aspirational entry.
  • The student understands all aspects of career planning & The student makes thoughtful career choices and education choices.
  • A comprehensive road-map and skills up-gradation plan to achieve set goals.
  • The student takes charge of his or her career path and yields positive results in academics and in life.

About Dheya (

“Dheya”, a Sanskrit word: meaning “The Goal”, is a career development organization focused on career success for students and professionals. It is India’s first and premier Career Guidance and Planning organisation working with a self-developed Psychometric tools, which is completely validated to Indian norms and is statistically proven. Dheya has its own processes based on positive psychology & is focused on giving Decision-making solutions to students, parents and professionals based solely on their inherent strengths.

The Dheya community of Career Mentors uses the thorough research on more than 22,000 occupations in the technology-based system developed by Dheya, to deliver effective career guidance and planning services.


The Dheya belief

Every individual is born with a natural differentiator and everyone holds several assets that are powerful and unique. These special assets need to be honed for success in life. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond imagination. We just need to work with ourselves to unleash this power within us. We are mines of strength. We are not poor weaklings that we appear to be. Start believing, start dreaming, start planning and start achieving…

Dheya career planning programs

  • Dheya Navigator (Age Group: 13-25 Years)
    Dheya Navigator enables Career Planning. Having done the career guidance wherein the competency mapping of the candidate is done and correlated to various possible career options (occupations)/ what the child CAN BE in life, it is also necessary to understand aspirations which include the expectations, Read More …
  • Dheya Compass (Age Group: 13 to 25 Years)
    Planning a career is extremely important to discover the talent within you and to determine goals accordingly. It helps you take a path you are made for. Each person is unique and has several attributes and talents. Competency mapping of the student is done based on the Personality, interests and ability. Read More …
  • Dheya Cast-Off Early Career Design (AGE GROUP: 26-35 Years)
    Dheya offers its personalized services and programs catering to the unique career decision-making requirements of early career professionals in corporate and government services across India. Many professionals are unhappy today and find it frustrating to work in their occupations which they Read More …
  • Dheya Revive (Age Group: 35 to 60 Years)
    Mid-Career dilemma?? Is a troublesome period for many in today’s fast-paced world. When stagnation and job insecurity rules the roost in one’s mind, then how can productivity be high? Dheya revive (mid-career planning & guidance) is a program for working professionals facing mid-career challenges. Read More …
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